Cocoamoda's newest truffle - the Toltec

Cocoamoda's newest truffle is Toltec - made with Number Juan Tequila and named for the civilization that led to the Aztecs.

The Toltec truffle is a rich blend of Number Juan anejo tequila and rich Mesoamerican dark chocolate. Topped with Diamond Salt from Pakistan and a candied Key Lime rind for just the right twist with the fine anjeo tequila. (See In the News and Number Juan Tequila for more information.)

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COCOAMODA is a Texas-based gourmet chocolate business. We began out of the historic town of Calvert, Texas and are now in several locations in Waco, Texas .

Our chocolate making is going great, but our former gourmet restaurant is put on hold for a while as Chef Ken recovers from an accident with resulting brain injury. Please be patient while he heals and recovers. Check out our Facebook and Twitter links for the latest.

Our mission is to continue to produce the highest quality truffles and confections utilizing the finest grade of chocolate and freshest ingredients sourced from across the globe.

Gifts: Truffles, Texas Shaped Chocolates in Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate.  The candied fruit will no longer be available to ship due to Chef Ken's injuries and a reduced staff.

Call 254-224-7862 or email us at

Follow us on FACEBOOK for upcoming events, new photos, new truffles, and our weekly menu!


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